Daniel Wyche

Multi-Channel Processed & Prepared Guitar



4.18.19 (Wyche/Alvarez/Young) @ The Hideout, Chicago; With: Lilac, Tropical Trash

4.14.19 (Wyche/Shippy) @ Elastic Arts, Chicago; With: Elkhorn

4.2.19 (Wyche/Shippy/Billington) @ Elastic Arts, Chicago; With: Spires that in the Sunset Rise

2.12.19 (Wyche/Shippy/Billington) @ The Hideout Chicago; With: Couteau Sang, Mode Hexe

2.7.19 (With Ryan Packard, John Daniel, & Dave Rempis) @ Elastic Arts, Chicago; With: Angel Bat Dawid and the Brothahood

12.14.18 (Duo with Katinka Kleijn) @ Elastic Arts, Chicago, Elastro Series; With: Allen Moore, Nick Meryhew/Jen Hill

12.3.8 (Duo with Nick Alvarez) @ Myopic Books, Chicago

10.8.18 (Wyche/Shippy/Billington with Greg Kelley) @ The Empty Bottle, Chicago; With: Twila Bent

9.29.18 (Wyche/Millevoi) @ The Asbury Music Foundation, Asbury Park, NJ; With: Category Mistakes, Data Choir

8.21.18 @ The Empty Bottle, Chicago; opening for Efrim Manuel Manuck

8.2.18 (Duo with Ted Gordon) @ Cafe Mustache, Chicago; With: Lucas Brode/John Thayer, Mai Sugimoto/Katie Ernst

7.28.18 @ Trumpet Blossom, Iowa City, IA, "Feed Me Weird Things" Series; With: Justin K. Comer

6.23.18 (Wyche/Shippy/Billington) @ Archer Beach House, Chicago; with: To Live and Shave in LA

6.14.18 (Wyche/Shippy) @ Elastic Arts; with: John Krausbauer & R. Keenan Lawler, Kaori Suzuki, Michael Vallera

4.21.18 ("Happy New Ear;" CPS benefit) @ Lost Arts Chicago; with: Kikù Hibino, Allen Moore

3.13.18 (Wyche/Shippy) @ Elastic Arts, Chicago; with: Nick Millevoi's Desertion Trio

1.2.18 (Collaboration with Julian Lynch) @ Mahall's, Cleveland, OH;

12.7.17 @ Flowers for All Occasions, BK NY; 

12.2.17 (collaboration with Nick Millevoi and Brian Osbourne)  @ The Asbury Park Music Foundation, Asbury Park, NJ; With: NY in 64, Category Mistakes

9.23.17 (Billington/Shippy/Wyche) @ Cropped Out Festival, Louisville, KY

9.21.17 @ Constellation Chicago, Wyche/Shippy/Billington (Astral Spirits) Record Release; With: Matthew Lux's Communication Arts Quartet.

9.20.17 @ Mahalls, Cleveland, OH; "Cleveland Guitars Vol. 2: North Coast Confluence;" With: John Kolodij, Madeline Hoyle

8.13.17-8.16.17 ACRE Arts Residency, Visiting Artist. 

8.1.17 (collaboration with Kelley Sheehan, Clyde M., & Ben Billington) @ The Empty Bottle, Chicago; With: Mark McGuire, Ancient Ocean

7.31.17 The Option Series, Experimental Sound Studio Chicago; duo set with Kelley Sheehan

6.24.17 (collaboration with Teddy Rankin-Parker) @ Slate Arts, Chicago

6.6.17 @ Cafe Mustache, Chicago; Trio with Dave Miller & Tim Stine

5.27.17 Noise Rites of Spring, Springfield, MA

5.6.17 Waking Windows Festival, Signals Showcase at Winooski United Methodist Church Burlington, VT; With Lea Bertucci, Seth Chrisman 

4.28.17 Arkm Foam Record Release Party @ Mystery Train Records, Amherst, MA;

4.22.17 @ Washington St. Arts Center, Somerville, MA; With: José Rivera, Abdul Sherzai

3.15.17 (Wyche/Shippy) @ Cafe Mustache Chicago; With: Keke, Haley Fohr

3.8.17 Splice Series @ The Beat Kitchen Chicago, with Peter Maunu, Aaron Zarzutzki, & Ted Gordon

3.7.17 (with Jon Cates, Ryan Packard, and Seth Parker-Woods), "The Work of Light," @ the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

2.13.17 @ Aurora, Providence, RI; With: Mem1, House Red, Charles Allin

12.11.16 (Wyche/Billington) @ Eco, Chicago; With: Frankie Hurricane, Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Sarah Squirm, GOSH, ORGANSM, Vehicle Blues

11.11.16 @ Cafe Mustache, Chicago, “The Singleman Affair’s Orpheatric Variety Show;” With: Emmett Quinn, Marc Riordan, The Singleman Affair, Benjamin von Wildenhaus, Rachel McCartney

9.28.16 @ The Empty Bottle, Chicago; With: Guerilla Toss, Lovely Little Girls

9.18.16 (Wyche/Shippy/Billington) @ The Hideout, Chicago; With: Barn Duet, FLAK, Mukqs

8.19.16 (Lagomosino/Nicosia/Wyche) @ Silent Barn, BK; With: Ten Thousand Tigers (Arrington de Dionisio + Thollem Electric + Phoebe Osbourne), Fire, Real Adult

7.22.16 (Wyche/Shippy/Billington) @ Cafe Mustache, Chicago; With: Mako Sika, Cosmic Jru

7.13.16 @ The Hideout, Chicago; With: Lykanthea, Forest Management, Midwaste

7.8-7.12.16 Visiting Artist at ACRE Residency, Steuben, WI

7.7.16  @ Omaha Under the Radar Festival (debut of “The Work of Light,” for multi-channel guitar.)

6.17.16 @ Bluelight Festival, Highland, WI

6.15.16 @ Kismet Creative Center, St. Louis, MO; With: Alex Cunningham, Eric Hall, Joseph Hess

6.14.16 @ The Ship, Kansas City, MO; With: Shawn Hansen, Daniel Klag, Scammers

6.13.16 @ Trumpet Blossom Cafe, Iowa City, IA; With: Trio Kind, Haunter

6.10.16 Record Release Show @ Elastic Arts, trio performance with Ryan Packard and Julian Lynch; With: Forest Management, Akosuen, Ape Forward (Shippy/Sansom)

6.9.16 @ Spread Art, Detroit, MI; With: LMDF, Dagger Axe

6.8.16 @ Maple Lanes, Cleveland, OH; With: Moltar, Vellietie

6.7.16 @ South Wedge Mission, Rochester, NY; With: Ian Downey is Famous, Rash, No Intention

6.2.16 (Nicosia/Lagamosino/Wyche) @ Century Bar, Philly; With: Hatchers, Bad Neighbors, Sissy Spacek

6.1.16 (Lagamosino/Wyche) @ Union Arts, DC; With: Dura, S3li2m

5.28.16 (Nicosia/Lagamosino/Wyche) @ Alphaville, NYC; With: Lykanthea, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk

5.26.16 (With Ted Gordon) @ Elastic Arts; With: The Jasons

4.14.16 (Wyche/Billington) @ The Empty Bottle, Chicago; With: Galaxxu

4.10.16 @ Heavy Petting, Chicago; With: Lykanthea, LXV, Forest Management

4.6.16 (Wyche/Shippy/Billington) @ The Hideout, Chicago; With: Tom Lundt, Jim Baker, Paul Giallorenzo, Julian Kirshner, Aaron Zarzutzki

4.1.16 @ ECO, Chicago; With: Lykanthea, Courtesy, 185668232

3.18.16 (Collaboration with Julian Lynch) @ Arts & Literature Lab, Madison, WI; With: Lykanthea, Midwaste

1.26.16 (Wyche/Clinkman/Packard) @ The Empty Bottle, Chicago; With: Mines, Johnny Young.

1.20.16 @ The Whistler, Chicago

1.5.16 (Wyche/Shippy/Billington) @ The Empty Bottle, Chicago; With: The Big Ship, Rob Jacobs, TAL Sounds.

1.3.16 (Collaboration with Julian Lynch & Ricardo Lagamosino) @ The Crown, Baltimore; With: Rinse, Owen Gaertner

12.21.15 @ Hong Kong Garden, Philly, (Common Circuit Festival 2015); With: Jim Strong, Wrists

12.19.15 @ Bohemian Grove, NY; With: Josh Millrod, Sandy Gordon, Lazurite, George DeMoura

12.16.15 @ Alphaville, NY

12.11.15 @ The Experimental Sound Studio (ESS), 2015 Oscillations Series; With: Byron Westbrook

11.10.15 @ The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, performing John Cage's Child of Tree; With: Nick Meryhew, Jenna Lyle, Andrew Tham, Alejandro Acierto, Sam Scranton

11.4.15 (Wyche/Shippy/Billington) @ Elastic Arts, Chicago; With: Bad Luck, Crown Larks

10.9.15 @ Dave’s Records, Chicago; With: Cantalouper

9.5.15 @ The Observatory, Chicago; With: Zachary Cale & Pete Nolan

8.15.15 @ Mt. Taurus New York, the Spookfish Mountain Show Series.

8.4.15 @ Silent Barn, BK; With: Julian Lynch, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Bois, Gem Trails

6.14.15 (With Mark Shippy & Ben Baker Billington) @ Elastic Arts, Chicago;

5.16.15 @ Permanent Records Chicago; With: Mako Sica

5.15.15 @ Constellation Chicago, Easy-not-Easy III


5.10.15 (Collaboration with Katherine Young, Jeff Kimmel, Aaron Zarzutzki) @ Constellation Chicago, 3-on-3 Series; With: Ryan Packard, Molly Shanahan

5.6.15 (Collaboration with Lia Kohl) @ Space Oddities, Chicago; With: Daniel Klag, Richard Album

4.8.15 @ The Hideout, Chicago, Resonance Series; With: Zelienople, Becker/Tuma

4.1.15 @ Elastic Arts, Chicago; With: Matchess, Health&Beauty, Julian Lynch

3.28.15 @ The Replay Lounge, Lawrence, KS; With: Golden Donna, CS Luxem

3.27.15 @ The Brick, KC, MO; With: Scammers, Golden Donna

3.26.15 @ Lemp, St. Louis; With: Golden Donna

3.13.15 @ Space Oddities, Chicago; With: Of Earth and Sun, Well Yells

3.9.15 (Collaboration with KG Price & Albert Wildeman) @ The Burlington, Chicago

3.8.15 @ Constellation Chicago; With: Ensemble Mocrep

2.14.15 @ Heavy Petting, Chicago; With: Imelda Marcos, Wishgift, DEADBEAT

1.23.15 @ The Tangy Zone, Chicago

1.5.15 (Collaboration with Ryan Packard & Albert Wildeman) @ Myopic Books, Chicago

1.3.15 @ Terrault Contemporary, Baltimore MA; With: World Brain, Nicky Smith

12.26.14 @ Silent Barn, BK; With: Buck Gooter, Youth Expire, Brown and Stickey

12.19.14 @ Cabbage Patch, Philadelphia; With: AV Idols, Fast Hickeys, Unguent, SCC & His Little Helpers.

11.17.14 @ The Whistler, Chicago, Glad Cloud Ambient Series

11.10.14 @ Emporium, Chicago; With: Potions, Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Unguent, Spiritual Recess

10.30.14 @ The Comfort Station, Chicago; With: Potions

10.29.14 (collaboration with Andrew Clinkman & Albert Wildeman) @ The Splice Series at Beat Kitchen Chicago

10.26.14 @ The Burlington, Chicago; With: Antl’rd, Brett Nauke

10.6.14 @ Pinky Swear, Chicago: With: Videobug, Little Father, Hane

9.8.14 @ The Borg Ward, Milwaukee, WI; With: Katrina Stonehart, Invertabit

9.7.14 @ Porky’s, Minneapolis, MN; With: Katrina Stonehart, Yoni Yum, Your Pest Band

9.6.14 @ The Good Style Shop, Madison, WI; With: Katrina Stonehart, Julian Lynch

8.13.14 (Collaboration with Peter Manu, Albert Wildeman & K.G. Price) @ The Splice Series at Beat Kitchen, Chicago; 

8.10.14 @ 1358 DeKalb Ave, Brooklyn; With: Matchesse, Pam Finch, Isn’t Ours

8.9.14 @ Eris Temple Arts, Philadelphia, PA; With: Ben Bennet/Michael Foster/David Grollman trio, Amelia Bentley

6.20.14 (Headless Horse Head) @ Pageant: Soloveev Gallery, Philadelphia, PA; With: Columba Fasciata, Hermit Thrushes, Kate Ferencz & Amalia Wilson

6.19.14 (Headless Horse Head) @ Pleasure Jail, Brooklyn, NY; With Columba Fasciata, Josh Milrod, Lazurite

6.18.14 (Headless Horse Head) @ The Future, Brattleboro, VT; With: Columba Fasciata

6.17.14 (Headless Horse Head) @ Shit Mansion, Mystery BBQ; With: Columba Fasciata

6.16.14 (Headless Horse Head) @ Putt People First, Athens, OH; With: Columba Fasciata, Summer Sausage Sanders

6.15.14 (Headless Horse Head) @ Connie’s Plank House, Chicago; With: The Hecks & Potions

5.17.14 (Collaboration with Michael Nicosia) @ Elastic Arts, Chicago; With: Mt Coast

5.14.14 (Headless Horse Head) @ 2323 W. Haddon, Chicago, IL; With: Matchess, Kamrar

3.21.14 @ Cafe Mustache, Chicago, IL; With: Emme & the Moon, American Landscape Painting, Cian Nugent

3.11.14 @Notes & Bolts Podcast, Chicago, IL

2.10.14 @ 2651 W Crystal St. Chicago, IL; With: Billy Mack, Deadbeat

1.22.14 (Headless Horse Head) @ The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL; With: Wishgift, King Tut’s Tomb, Tarnation

1.3.14 @ Cook & Maid, Coal Center, PA; With: Katrina Stonehart

12.21.13 @ Studio 34, Philadelphia; With: Katrina Stonehart, Charles Cohen & Julius Masri

12.16.13 @ 285 Kent, Brooklyn; With: Katrina Stonehart, White Bike, Keith Rankin & Seth Graham

12.15.13 @ Boo Box, Cleveland, OH; With: Katrina Stonehart, 

12.14.13 @ The Temple House, Muskegon, MI; With: Mad Snipes, Katrina Stonehart, A Glow Has Drained From My Heart

12.13.13 (Collaboration with Tom Krell of How to Dress Well) @ Elastic Arts, Chicago, “Elastro Electronic-Acoustic Collaboration Series Fall 2013 Season, #4;” With: Drew M. Gibson/Ben Baker Billington duo, Gaspra

11.19.13 (Collaboration with Drew M. Gibson & Jake Acosta as Headless Horsehead) @ The Burlington Chicago, Nitetrotter Fest 2013, Day 1 “Tribute to Ono”

11.6.13  @ Rebirth Gallery Chicago; With: Troy Schafer, Hermit Thrushes

10.26.13 @ The Vault, Madison, WI, “The Vault Fest;” With: Litüus,
Endless, Conjuror, Grossss/Sven Bolan, Troy Schafer & Spiral Joy Band, Lynn, Dirty Ringet

9.21.13 @ The Comfort Station, Chicago; With: Freeman/Borden/Cain, Justin Mark Lloyd

9.8.13 (Tholian Web) @ Lake Titicaca (338 W 25th Pl, Chicago); With: Nagual, Chris Riggs, Marshall Stacks, Adrian Rew

8.24.13 @ The Good Style Shop, Madison, WI; With: Jivas, Kevin Greenspon, Second Family Band

8.22.13 (Tholian Web) @ Kedzie House, Chicago; With: ADT, MT Coast, Kevin Greenspon  

7.15.13 @ The Burlington, Chicago; With: ADT, Double Morris, Breakway

6.28.13 (Collaboration with Drew M. Gibson as “Thylacine”) @ Art for Progress’ Artists4Equality Festival, Solar One Park, NYC

4.16.13 (Collaboration with Eric Hanss as “Tholian Web”) @ Hallowed Grounds, the University of Chicago; With: Brian Labycz/Chris Riggs Duo, Chris Corsano

3.16.13 @ The Cult House, 420 Russell Walk, Madison WI; With: Floating Gardens, Litüus, Golden Donna

3.15.13 (with Eric Hanss as “Tholian Web”) @ Lake Paradise, Chicago; With: Potions

3.13.13 @ The Burlington, Chicago; With: Potions, Health & Beauty, Jerome Baez

2.23.13 @ “Tangy Zone” Chicago, “Sound Affects #1;” With: Ted Gordon & Cameron Hu

2.15.13 @ WHPK Chicago

2.11.13 (Collaboration with Connor Camburn) @ Myopic Books, Chicago, IL;

12.28.12 @ Dekalb Vision, Bushwick, NYC; Solid Melts + Teen River Presents; With: Mind Dynamics (Brooklyn, NY - Solid Melts), Josh Millrod (Brooklyn, NY - Grasshopper/Hex Breaker), Julie Byrne (Chicago, IL - Orindal Records/Solid Melts/Teen River), RXM Reality, CS LUXEM

12.27.12 (Collaboration with Christa Cesario as Cat+Mouse) @ The Larch, West Philly; With: UpTop, Evan Corey Levine

12.8.12 @Bbigg Fforeverr Chicago, “Sound Exploration;” With: Wild Cats (Jake Acosta & Tom “Potions”), Kowalkowski/Toews, RXM Reality

10.7.12 (Collaboration with Chris Riggs) @ Heaven Gallery Chicago, Protest Heaven Series; With: Guillermo Gregorio, Steve Marquette, and Brian Labycz, trio for Clarinet, guitar, and modular synthesizer

10.2.12 @ Lake Paradise Chicago; With: Katrina Stonehart, Health & Beauty, C.S. Luxem

7.17.12 (collaboration with Christa Cesario as “Cat+Mouse”) @ 1463 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago; With: Kevin Greenspon, Jake Acosta & Roland Potions, Julie Marie Byrne

6.1.12 (collaboration with Ben Remsen and Nick Millevoi as “The Lunkfast Three”) @ “Ambient Brunch,” 4823 Hazel, West Philly; With: DJ Rachael Ray (Tim Leonido), Enomlette (Tristan Arthur Dahn)

5.25.12 @ Township, Chicago, IL; With: Breakway, C. Batteries

4.28.12 @ Hallowed Grounds, Reynolds Clubs, University of Chicago Campus; With: Preachy Preach, Spanyurd

2.27.12 (collaboration with Brian Labycz) @ Myopic Books, Chicago, IL;

2.11.12 @ Heaven Gallery, Wicker Park, Chicago, IL; With: Tricks (Marc Riorden & Frank Rosaly duo)

12.17.11 (collaboration with Ben Remsen, as The Katz-Nicosia Cooperative Exchange) @ International Waters, 532 48th Street, West Philly; With: Lagomasino/Fishkin, DJ Heavy Flow (Richie Mörsberger, of Drums Like Machine Guns), JA (Jake Anodide, of Little Ocean, Big Ocean, Magnet City Kids, Angeldust)

10.22.11 (collaboration with Eric Hanns as “Roof Woman”) @ Jenifer Street, Madison, WI; With: Troy Schafer, Boomer Toomer, Dave Mansfield Deathtrap, Asterion: A Greek Mystery Play

10.21.11 @ The Project Lodge, Madison, WI; With: Josh Burke, Floating Gardens, Slag Heap

9.17.11 (Terratazen) @ 1463 W. Chicago, Chicago, IL; With:, Dominic Nicosia, Floating Gardens, Eric Davis

9.3.11 (Terratazen) @ The Meat Locker, Montclair, NJ; With: Meet Pause

3.12.11 @ Bond Chapel, University of Chicago Campus, Chicago, IL; With: Chris Riggs & Liz Albee

2.12.11 @ Field Studies HQ, Chicago, IL; With: Floating Gardens, Slag Heap